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Fire Extinguisher Training:

NFPA Standards

This course identifies the components necessary for fires to occur.  Topics include:  Fire tetrahedron, classes of fires, methods of fire and heat transmission, fire extinguishers, extinguishment procedures and a live practical extinguishment of a fuel fire.

The course will train participants of the dangers of fire and how quickly fire can get out of control.  Participants will learn  about the characteristics of fire and the classification of fire.  Training will include the different types of fire extinguishers, the theory of the operation of a fire extinguisher and the inspection of a fire extinguisher.

This course has a practical, hands on live fire exercise.  Participants must come equipped with full PPE (eye protection, fire retardant coveralls, work boots, gloves and hard hat).

Course length:  Full day

Certification:  3 years

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Course Cost:

$165.00 + GST

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