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First Aid & CPR Instructor Transfer Course
Canadian Red Cross

This course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to teach core Canadian Red Cross and CPR course; Emergency and Standard First Aid & CPR, CPR/AED, Marine Basic First Aid, Emergency and Standard Child Care First Aid & CPR.

Course Length:  16 hours (8 hours with Self-Study component)
Prerequisites:  Current First Aid & CPR Instructor with another recognized
                        provider, or

                        Current Red Cross Swimming & Water Safety Instructor
                        with Standard First Aid and CPR-HCP, or

                        Former Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid Instructor
                        (expired 2-5 years), or

                        Teachers with Education Degree and current Standard
                        First Aid and CPR-HCP

                        Ability to complete all First Aid & CPR skills without
                        Minimum 18 years old

Certification:  3 years
Recertification:  8 hours

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Course Cost:

$550.00 + GST